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Name Walter GULLIFORD, 2C3R, 1443
Birth 1838, Stogumber
Christen 4 5 1838, St Mary & All Saints Broomfield
Christen Memo PMOnline
Occupation 1861: shepherd. 1881: farmer 150 acres. 1901: farmer.
Father John GULLIFORD, 1442 (1804-1845)
Mother Jane JENKINS, 1441 (1811-1896)
1 Mary Jane PORTER, 3819
Death 1894, Bridgwater area
Death Memo IoD 2Q1894 Bridgwater 5c231
Marriage 1871, Bridgwater area
Marriage Memo IoM 2Q1871 Bridgwater 5c639
Children: Eva Lucy, 1447 (1872-)
Willie, 1448 (1875-)
Cecil Albert, 1449 (1876-)
Notes for Walter GULLIFORD
Only print of JAT#2 250103: names, YofB. Online250103: census1901. FRC080405: census1841. FRC160905: census1851. 1837Online300306: census1861. PMOnline211106: ChrR. Ancestry130307: census1881.
Census1841 930/1/8/8: aged3, at Woodness? Broomfield. Census1851 1924/213/2: aged13, unmar, nephew at Parsonage Broomfield, PofB. Census1861 1622/148/7: aged23, unmar, nephew at Parsonage Farm Broomfield w Charles Jenkins (1438), occ, PofB. Census1881 2371/4/1: aged43, mar, hd at Postridge Aisholt/Spaxton, occ, PofB Stogumber. Census1901 2280/69/22: aged 63, widower, head of house at Manor Farm Stockland Bristol, occ, PofB. Also: niece "Susan Fearncombe" present, see census record.
Census Notes for Mary Jane (Spouse 1)
Census1881 2371/4/1: aged44 assYofB1836, wife at Postridge Aisholt/Spaxton, PofB Spaxton.
Misc. Notes
Census1881: "Mary J". IoM: full names. Ancestry130307: census1881, IoD.
Notes for Walter & Mary Jane (Family)
Ancestry130307: IoM.
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