Researches, Contributors and Acronyms for Guy Meakin & Elisabeth Ann Jenkins Family Tree December 2019

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1998 - Barbara Mace (2654) gave Lis Meakin nee Jenkins (29) information from Compton Abdale Parish Registry.

19 10 2002 - RHPortrait. Portrait of Rachel Hilary (310) at Bushwood Hall B95 5HA as at October 2002. Copy of writing on back sent to Guy Meakin by John Meakin 16 October 2002.

MSTree. Family Tree produced in document form by Margaret Sahler (nee Roberts). Sent to Guy Meakin by John Meakin 16 October 2002.

FJJXL. 16 Jan 2012 - 1939 Christmas Card List by Francis John Jenkins (3).

PatNegus. Pat Negus (nee Jenkins) (1199): author with daughter Dale of Jenkins Australia Tree (JAT).

RFAJTree. Family tree made by RFA Jackson (45), annotated "2nd Edn 15/3/1984". Data entered Christmas 2002.

RFAJT2. A family tree sent by RFA Jackson (45) to Alison Frank (52) on 3 March 1992 with names and dates, all of which may have been sent to him by KE Nicol. (So it is not known if the source is RFAJ/family or original sources found by Nicol.)

MF. Martin Frank (806).

DT. Tree of Darby family, provided by Patrick John Minns (4110) March 2007 through Jennifer Jean Meakin nee Stubbings (2996).

LJV. Laurence James Vaux (3985).

BRT. Bennett-Rees family trees including Schaaf family trees, which are attributed "bewerkt en getekend door Willem Friedrich Ehinger (7176) Purmerland [North Holland] Dec 1974".

WFE: Het Geschlacht Schaaf sindsAo1600 by WF Ehinger Jnr (7176) from Jane Bennett-Rees (6262) August 2009.

JBR. Jane Bennett-Rees (nee Fanning) (6262) (amending and supplementing BRT and BLG).

JBT. James Burton (6623) Family Tree from Jane Bennett-Rees (nee Fanning) (6262).

TBT. Thomas Bennett's Tree (7136) from Jane Bennett-Rees (nee Fanning) (6262).

SJB. The Late Mr Sydney Joseph Berry (7036) - 2 pages from Jane Bennett-Rees (6262).

BFT: Berry Family Tree from Jane Bennett-Rees.

HGS: Het Geslacht Schaaf collected by WF Ehinger Jr. (7176) acquired through Jane Bennett-Rees.

WFT: William Fanning (6290) Tree from Jane Bennett-Rees.

NCT: Nicholas Cordingly's (8001) tree dated Mon 11 Sep (2000).

CFT: Maggie Parnham's Carrott Family Tree on

JDBF: James Fanning (6701) 2011-2016.


VRI. Vital Records Index at Family Records Centre and on CD.

(B&C). Births & Christenings. (M). Marriages.


BLG=Burke's Landed Gentry Job No 2615 Tape No 248 - Fanning formerly of Bozedown.

SRO=Somerset record Office, Taunton.

GRO=Gloucestershire Record Office, Gloucester. PMF=Parish MicroFilm. PFC= Parish Fiche.

WestAO: Westminster City Archive Office.

SA=Shropshire Archives Shrewsbury. Fiche (F), Printed Registers (P), Transcript Registers (T).

PA=Powys Archives Llandrindod Wells.

HRO=Hereford Record Office


PMOnline: Paul Mansfield's website.

PhM: Phil Mustoe parish registers.

1837Online: from 1 Nov 06 called


AncestryANIC: Andrews Newspaper Index Cards.

AncestryBB: Ancestry Birmingham England Baptisms.

AncestryBBur: Ancestry Birmingham England Burials.

AncestryBCoE: Ancestry Select Bristol Church of England Parish Registers.

AncestryBKMB: Ancestry Bexley Kent Marriages & Banns.

AncestryBMB: Ancestry Birmingham Marriages & Banns.

AncestryCSPR: Ancestry Cheshire England Select Parish Registers.

AncestryCSBT: Ancestry Cheshire England Select Bishop's Transcripts.

AncestryCUA: Ancestry Cambridge University Alumni.

AncestryDerbyPR: Ancestry Derbyshire England, Select CofE Parish Registers.

AncestryDorBB: Ancestry Dorset England Births & Baptisms.

AncestryESBC: Ancestry England Select Births & Christenings.

AncestryESDB: Ancestry England, Select Deaths & Burials.

AncestryESM: Ancestry England Select Marriages.

AncestryEWCR: Ancestry England & Wales Christening Records.

AncestryEWM: Ancestry England & Wales Marriages.

AncestryEWNCNPR: Ancestry England & Wales Non-Conformist & Non-Parochial Registers.

AncestryGBDB: Ancestry Great Britain, Select Deaths and Burials.

AncestryGBap: Ancestry Gloucestershire, England, Baptisms.

AncestryGBur: Ancestry Gloucestershire, England, Burials.

AncestryGMB: Ancestry Gloucestershire, England, Marriages & Banns.

AncestryIBB: Ancestry India Select Births & Baptisms.

AncestryIDB: Ancestry India Select Deaths & Burials.

AncestryIM: Ancestry India Select Marriages.

AncestryIoManBB: Ancestry Isle of Man, Select Births & Baptisms.

AncestryIoManMar: Ancestry Isle of Man, Select Marriages.

AncestryKEPR: Ancestry Kent, England, Extracted Parish Records.

AncestryLanBB: Ancestry Lancashire England Births & Baptisms.

AncestryLanMB: Ancestry Lancashire England Marriages & Banns.

AncestryLBB: Ancestry London England Births & Baptisms.

AncestryLDB: Ancestry London England Deaths & Burials.

AncestryLanEBB: Ancestry Lancashire, England, Church of England Births & Baptisms.

AncestryLanEDB: Ancestry Lancashire, england, Church of England Deaths & Burials.

AncestryLLB: Ancestry Liverpool Lancashire Baptisms.

AncestryLMB: Ancestry London Marriages & Banns.

AncestryLB&B: Ancestry London CofE Births & Baptisms.

AncestryLBMB: London England Baptisms Marriages and Burials 1538-1812.

AncestryLNR: London, England, Non-conformist Registers1694-1921.

AncestryMMB: Manchester England Marriages & Banns.

AncestryMBB: Manchester England Births & Baptisms.

AncestryNorfBB: Ancestry Norfolk Births & Baptisms.

AncestryNYPL: New York Passenger Lists 1820-1957.

AncestryNZCR: Ancestry New Zealand Cemetery Records.

AncestryNZDI: Ancestry New Zealnd Death Index.

AncestryPBER: Ancestry UK Poll Books & Electoral Registers.

AncestrySNIDI: Ancestry Scotland & Northern Ireland Death Index.

AncestrySSBB: Ancestry Scotland Select Births & Baptisms.

AncestrySSM: Ancestry Scotland Select Marraiges 1561-1910.

AncestrySomB: Ancestry Somerset, England, CofE Baptisms.

AncestrySomBMB: Ancestry Somerset England CofE Baptisms, Marriages & Burials.

AncestrySomBur: Ancestry Somerset, England, Church of England Burials.

AncestrySomMar: Ancestry Somerset, England, Marriage Registers, Bonds & Allegations.

AncestryStafEPR: Ancestry Staffordshire England Extracted Parish Records.

AncestrySurBap: AncestrySurrey, England, CofE Baptisms.

AncestrySurB: Ancestry Surrey, England, Burials.

AncestrySurM: Ancestry Surrey, England, Marriages,

AncestryUKCDR: UK Civil Divorce Records.

AncestryUKIMMC: Ancestry UK & Ireland Masters & Mates Certificates.

AncestryUSPA: US Passport Applications.

AncestryUSSSDI: Ancestry US Social Security Index.

AncestryWLBMB: Ancestry Wuerttemberg Lutheran Births, Marriages & Burials.

AncestryWSBB: Wales Select Births & Baptisms.

AncestryWYBB: West Yorkshire England Births & Baptisms 1813-1910.

AncestryWYBMB: West Yorkshire England Baptisms, Marriages and Burials 1512-1812.

AncestryWYMB: West Yorkshire England Marriages & Banns 1813-1935.

AncestryWYDB: West Yorkshire England, Deaths and Burials 1813-1985.

ABI: Australia Birth Index (thro' Ancestry).

ACI: Australia Cemetery Index (thro' Ancestry).

AMI: Australia Marriage Index (thro' Ancestry).

ADI: Australia Death Index (thro' Ancestry).

AER: Australian Electoral Rolls.

ANZFAGI: Ancestry Australia & New Zealand Find a Grave Index.

MartinS/MS: Martin Southwood's West Somerset Transcripts of parish registers (online).


FDR: Forest of Dean Parish Records.

DC: David Creek online.

MassBR: Massachusetts Birth Records (thro' Ancestry)

MassBI: Massachusetts Birth Index (thro' Ancestry)

MassDI: Massachusetts Death Index (thro' Ancestry)

MassMR: Massacusetts Marriage Records (thro' Ancestry)

PBI: Pallot's Baptism Index for England.

PMI: Pallot's Marriage Index for England.

SP: Scotland's People.


GENUKI151105: census1851. Provided in hard copy by Alec Mace (2653).



JAT  #2: Edition 2 of Jenkins Australia Tree (2003/4/5)

JAT #3: Edition 3 of Jenkins Australia Tree (2006).

AFN: Mormons' Ancestral File. Ancestral File Numbers (AFN) are suffixed to Names.

LDSOnline: (Mormons).

FGR: family group record on LDSOnline, often "No Source".

PRF: Mormons' Pedigree Resource File - on CD#x.


BC = Birth Certificate

DC = Death Certificate

DofB = Date of Birth, PofB = Place of Birth, DandPofB = Date and Place of Birth

Likewise for M = Marriage, D = Death and Bur = Burial

SS = spreadsheet (author's own records of publically available sources)

BR = Birth Date shown in Parish Register of Baptisms.

ChrR = Parish Register of Baptisms giving DofChr only. Some Notes still say "BR".

MC = Marriage Certificate

MR= Parish Register of Marriages.

BurR (or DR)= Parish Register of Burials (some DofD also given).


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