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Name Sophia Emma BALE TDVS-V5, 774
Birth 1818, London
Death 6 9 1879, Badanloch Kinbrace Sutherland Age: 61
Father Thomas BALE, 4420 (-<1855)
1 Henry AKROYD TDVS-T0, GGGG Uncle, 773
Birth 8 4 1817, Wallaton House Halifax
Christen 11 5 1817, St Mary Illingworth
Death 8 9 1892, Holmwood Shiplake Oxon Age: 75
Death Memo IoD 3Q1892 Henley 3a410
Occupation 1851: JP & worsted manufacturer. 1871: retired manufacturer. 1881: china merchant.
Father Jonathan AKROYD TDVS-82, 758 (1782-1847)
Mother Sarah WRIGHT TDVS-97, 768 (1783-1852)
Marriage 20 4 1842, St Peter Stoke upon Trent166
Marriage Memo IoM 2Q1842 Stoke upon Trent 17/178 #397
Children: Samuel Wright, 6028 (1843-1844)
Mary Elizabeth, 754 (1844-1894)
Florence, 4419 (1847-)
Charles Henry, 793 (1848-)
Notes for Sophia Emma BALE TDVS-V5
Akroyd Tree: names "Sophia". MC and BC of Samuel Wright (6028): "Sophia Emma". Ancestry110607: census1851. Ancestry150908: census1861. LDSOnline160908: AFN. Ancestry230908: census1841, 1871. AncestryProbate110316: DandPofD "Badanlock", res.
Census1841 992/3/13/19: "Sopha", aged20-24, at Cauldon Place Shelton w her aunt Sophia Ridgway nee Bale (6027), shown as born in Staffs. Census1851 2169/422/15: aged32 assYofB1818, wife at Doddington Hall, PofB London. Census1861 1412/88/6: aged42, mar, visitor at Oaklands Tormonham Torquay, PofB London. Census1871 3489/25/1: "Sophia Emma", aged52, wife at The Hall Wollaton Notts, PofB Halifax.
Census Notes for Henry (Spouse 1)
Census1841 1303/4/25/13: aged20-24, ass son at Woodshide in the Borough Half Halifax. Census1851 2169/422/15: aged33, mar, hd at Doddington Hall, occ, PofB Halifax. Census1871 3489/25/1: aged53, mar, hd at The Hall Wollaton Notts, occ, PofB Halifax. Census1881 1489/25/10: aged63, wid, hd at Holmwood Shiplake Row Shiplake Oxon, occ, PofB Halifax.
Misc. Notes
Akroyd Tree: DofB, of Doddington Park Cheshire and Deputy Lieutenant Co. Chester. Ancestry110607: census1851. Ancestry280808: census1841. LDSOnline280808: AFN, ChrR. LDSOnline120908: FGR printed, same DofB, new PofB Wallaton House. Ancestry230908: census1871, 1881. Ancestry191010: IoD aged75, probate DandPofD.
Notes for Henry & Sophia Emma (Family)
Ancestry110607: IoM.
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