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Name Charles JENKINS, GG Grandfather, 486
Birth 1833, Escott Stogumber
Christen 17 1 1833, Stogumber
Christen Memo ChrR M2603 #698
Death 27 7 1899, Sampford Brett135 Age: 66
Death Memo IoD 3Q1899 Williton 5c181 #56
Burial Sampford Brett
Burial Memo BruceJenkins
Occupation Tailor
Father Thomas JENKINS, 455 (1789-1844)
Mother Betty VINCENT, 1107 (1803-1854)
1 Ellen MILTON, GG Grandmother, 487
Birth 1830, Sampford Sampford Brett
Christen 20 7 1830, Sampford Brett
Christen Memo ChrR M4594 #73
Death 24 11 1884, Sampford Brett136 Age: 54
Death Memo IoD 4Q1884 Williton 5c209 #87
Occupation 1851: dressmaker.
Father William MILTON, 1193 (1788-1865)
Mother Mary WEY, 1571 (1790-1870)
Marriage 10 3 1853, St George Sampford Brett137
Marriage Memo JAT#2 . IoM 1Q1853 Williton 5c581 #20
Children: Thomas, 1113 (1854-)
William, 1104 (1856-1930)
Frederick Charles, 1103 (1859-1863)
Albert John, 1010 (1862-1922)
Mary Elizabeth, 1043 (1866-1906)
Laura Milton, 1906 (1869-)
Edwin Charles, 497 (1872-1942)
Arthur Henry, 489 (1876-1953)
2 Sarah RICE, 10833
Birth 1831, Williton
Christen 20 6 1831, St Peter Williton
Death 1922, Williton area Age: 91
Death Memo IoD 1Q1922 Williton 5c382
Occupation 1871: schoolmistress.
Father John RICE, 10834 (~1784-)
Mother Joanna BREWER, 10835 (~1793-)
Marriage 1885, Williton area
Marriage Memo IoM 3Q1885 Williton 5c448
Notes for Charles JENKINS
LisM TauntonRecordOffice Oct98: census1841 and 1861. Muriel Crosse (nee Jenkins) fm The Book of Sampford Village 100597. "In 1851, Charles and James Jenkins were apprenticed tailors employed by Thomas Langdon and lived with Thomas Langdon." Bruce Jenkins 090498: YandPofB, DofD7/7/1899?, buried at Sampford Brett. BruceJenkins, FRC010803: census1881. FRC030304: census1851. FRC120304: IoD. FRC260804: census1861. FRC221004: census1871. SRO070605: ChrR "Thomas" PofB. Ancestry180112: census1891.
Census1841 966/11/25/23: Stogumber, aged 9. Census1851 1920/462/1: aged16, in Sampford Brett apprentice to Thomas Langdon. Census1861 1603/90/10: aged28, mar, hd at Sampford Brett, PofB Stogumber. Census1871 2353/4/2: aged38, mar, hd at Sampford Mills Sampford Brett, occ. Census1881 2355/87/4: aged 48, head at Village Sampford Brett, occ; also resident James Routley, aged18, apprentice, PofB Sampford Brett. Census1891 1865/72/3: aged58, mar, hd at13 Sampford Street Sampford Brett, occ, PofB Stogumber.
Census Notes for Ellen (Spouse 1)
Census1841 966/9/5/5: "Eleanor", aged11, ass dau at Sandford Sampford Brett. Census1851 1920/464/7: aged 20, unmar, dau at Sampford Brett, occ, PofB. Census1861 1603/90/10: aged30, wife at Sampford Brett. Census1871 2353/4/2: aged39, wife at Sampford Mills Sampford Brett. Census1881 2355/87/4: aged 50, wife at Village Sampford Brett, PofB.
Misc. Notes
ChrR "Eleanor". LisM SRO Oct98: census1861. Bruce Jenkins090498, FRC010803: census1881, YofB 1831, PofB, DofD, surname unknown, buried at St George's, Sampford Brett. Note potential confusion with her grand-daughter in law, whom Muriel C calls Nellie surname unkown, and Bruce J calls Eva Ellen Milton. JAT#2 131002: DofB 20/2/1831, PofD. FRC301203: census1841. FRC030304: census1851. FRC120304: IoD. FRC260804: census1861. FRC221004: census1871. SRO090605: ChrR"Eleanor" PofB.
Notes for Charles & Ellen (Family)
JAT#2 131002. FRC231204: IoM.
Census Notes for Sarah (Spouse 2)
Census1841 965/9/22/3: aged9, ass dau at Bob Lane Williton. Census1851 1920/408/35: aged20, unmar, dau at Bob Lane Williton, PofB St Decumans. Census1861 1603/14/24: aged27, wife at Bob Lane Williton, PofB Williton. Census1871 2352/9/12: aged36, wid, hd at Robert Street Williton, occ, PofB St Decumans. Census1891 1865/72/3: aged57, wife at13 Sampford Street Sampford Brett, PofB St Decumans. Census1901 2263/11/13: aged68, wid, motlaw at Robert Street Williton w James Woolley (10848), LOOM, PofB St Decumans. Census1911 845/302/3/7/44: aged78, wid, mot at Robert Street Williton w Joanna (10847), PofB Williton.
Misc. Notes
Ancestry150112: IoD aged89. Ancestry180112: census1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1891, 1901. FMP180112: census1911. MS190112: ChrR PofB.
Notes for Charles & Sarah (Family)
Ancestry180112: IoM.
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